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To create a browser slide show you will need to install xdotool to run the key commands to cycle tab's.

sudo apt-get install xdotool

Once it is installed, create a sh file e.g.

In the file enter: DISPLAY=:0.0 xdotool key ctrl+Tab

The “DISPLAY=:0.0” will tell the command to run on the active X session Then the xdotool command is the actual key combo

Once the file is created and saved, you will want to navigate to /etc/xdg/lxsessions/LXDE then type sudo nano autostart

Make a new line at the bottom and enter the following: /usr/bin/screen -dmS slideshow watch -n 15 sh /path/to/

/usr/bin/screen -dmS slideshow This creates a GNU screen name “slideshow” that you can attach to to see the command watch -n 15 This will run the command following every 15 seconds.

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